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Manitoba, Ontario and Alberta

Memory Monday – What Were You Thinking?

OK, we all did some pretty silly things when we we younger. Thankfully most were not caught on camera. Almost every year someone had to test what it would be like to roll down a hill in a honey barrel… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Top of the Driveway”

Discovering these pictures, brought to mind many stories of students returning for a visit to the school describing the feelings they had as they came to the top of the driveway. Memories flooding back, butterflies in their stomachs – not… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Famous Visitors

Always looking for a new way to inspire young minds, the school staff would bring in special visitors. Some were politicians, some sports figures, some were authors; and some were just fun to be around. What are your memories of… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – A ‘Delicate” Topic

OK, this is a bit of a “delicate” topic, but I have heard enough stories over the years about the K.Y.B.O to know that there must be more stories out there. There seems to be great pride taken in the… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Best and Worst Campsites

How many times on a canoe trip did you paddle by a beautiful campsite, only to end up hours later in a boggy, buggy mess of a site? What are your memories of the best and worst of campsites? Send… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – St. John’s Isms… (Revisited)

No matter the community, people develop their own language or “isms” that are unique to them. The St. John’s community was no different. Take the image to the left – “Peter Pan Get Way Boots!”  Who came up with that?… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The Art of “Cooking in a Bucket”

Is it an “art”? For those who had to eat the food created in a bucket, they would sure hope so. Many who were tasked with cooking for the large groups on the outdoor trips developed real skill at producing… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Creek Crossing Methods

On the Fall hiking trips in Alberta, the routes planned inevitably had many creek crossings. This was just a given. These creeks had varying depths and widths – so methods varied for making the crossing. There was also the individual’s… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Novels on the Lit Course

Who remembers the novels studied in the St. John’s Literature course? No matter which era you attended the school there were some memorable books covered. How many are/were on the banned lists? Which ones were effective having a long term… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Bees

Carrying on with the nature theme and animals from last week…Who was part of the bee program at the school?  Everyone sold honey – but not everyone had the chance to work with the bees. Dave Thompson began the program… Continue Reading →

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