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Memory Monday – “Casts Etc.”

  In a discussion over the weekend, memories of students on outdoor trips who began the trip wearing a cast – or ended the trip with one came up. One memory was of the Athabasca trip in the late 1990’s… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Coldest Activities

We are currently in a deep freeze all across the country. It brings to mind some of the really cold days being outside participating in outdoor activities or crew work. I remember the 24-hour marathon in Hawrelak Park back in… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Best in Show”

When the dog program was introduced at the St. John’s schools, no one thought  the day would come when we had students learning to show the dogs! These were working animals, brought in to be mushed across the prairies and… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Christmas Dog Run

Many of our alumni and staff will remember dog sledding, and will be able to identify with this portion of a Robert Service poem: “On a Christmas day we were mushing our way Over the Dawson Trail. Talk of your… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – St. John’s Isms…

No matter the community, people develop their own language or “isms” that are unique to them. The St. John’s community was no different. Take the image to the left – “Peter Pan Get Way Boots!”  Who came up with that?… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The Ice Bridge

Back in early 2015, I posted this memory: (I have since come across more photos that could bring back memories of the bridge crossing…) “Through much of the snowshoeing history at St. John’s, there were routes that took teams over… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Loose Gear”

I received this email a while ago with a great memory suggestion: “I don’t know if you’ve use this memory before but it was a lesson I am currently teaching my son about loose gear. The memory that comes to… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Free Time??

Most of our students would argue there was no free time at the schools. However, there was free time and there were many options – from being outside building forts or playing sports; to being inside with a variety of… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Remember the Music?

Through the years we had some great musical talent at the school. Though most times it was impromptu gatherings that created the music, in later years we had music lessons available to students. At the Manitoba school there were years… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “This is No Joy-Ride”

These photos demonstrate just how dog sledding is “no joy-ride”. Most of the imagines we see of dog sledding would lead you to believe that it is very romantic. Any students from St. John’s will tell you otherwise. The junior… Continue Reading →

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