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Memory Monday – Novels on the Lit Course

Who remembers the novels studied in the St. John’s Literature course? No matter which era you attended the school there were some memorable books covered. How many are/were on the banned lists? Which ones were effective having a long term… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Bees

Carrying on with the nature theme and animals from last week…Who was part of the bee program at the school?  Everyone sold honey – but not everyone had the chance to work with the bees. Dave Thompson began the program… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Animal Husbandry” Through Time

Raising animals was part of school life for many years. The Alberta and Manitoba schools had various animals as part of the crew program – cows, horses, pigs, chickens, at one point there were even guinea hens and pheasants. Some… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Birthdays on Canoe Trips

Were you one of those students who had to celebrate your birthday on a canoe trip? Through the years many did, and there were a variety of celebration methods. What are your birthday memories? Send us your story.

Memory Monday – Laundry Numbers (Old School)

This photo was set to me by the alumnus who has the distinction of being the holder of the very first laundry number issued by the schools – #100 SJCBS. This story line has been covered in an earlier blog,… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Most Interesting Outdoor Meal

In the early years of the outdoor program, there wasn’t much imagination put into the meal planning – weight and space were considered far above a discerning palate. As technology was introduced to the cooking on trips, more advanced meals… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “The Bell”

To bring the students to class, meals, assemblies, study etc; each school had a bell. There will be old school and new school bell memories. The photo show from the early sixties at the Manitoba school shows the old railway… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Were You on One of the “Marquis” Canoe Trips?

Through the years, each of the St. John’s schools offered what were referred to as “marquis” canoe trips. These were planned as a break from the usual fare – the Churchill River or the Methye trips in Alberta; the Grand… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Best “Obstacle” Story

Almost all canoe brigades had to face a battle with some obstacle or another on their trips. There are stories of “beaver bashing” – ridding the route of beaver dams in order to get water flowing so the group could… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Best Book Read During “Study”

OK, we all know you did this. Instead of studying or doing homework during evening study, you were reading a book. Likely not included on the curriculum. What is your favourite book reading while you were supposed to be studying?… Continue Reading →

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