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Memory Monday – The Brigade That Crossed 1/3 of the Continent

In the Spring of 1971, an Alberta school brigade of 6 canoes crossed three provinces, and 1600 miles, to paddle from the Alberta school to the Manitoba school. This was, at the time, the longest trip the schools had attempted…. Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Morning Surprises…

On outdoor trips, you just never know what tricks the weather is going to play on you. Particularly during trips on the “shoulder seasons” of Spring and Fall. At the Alberta school the Fall trips could bring cold temperatures and… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Strange Things Done …

While scanning slides, negatives and photos from the archives, I have come across some odd photos. This week’s may tax the memories for some of the “old guys”. While the one on the left may be considered by some out… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – April Fools!

April Fools Day – we always held our breath on this day, knowing that some students were going to pull a fast one . One legendary prank involved a group of students who moved all the furniture from the duty… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The “Genesee Ghost(s)”?

Back in the day, at the Alberta school, there were stories of the “Genesee Ghost”. There has been many a young man working late in the classroom wing who has provided, in vivid detail, stories of the ghost. Perhaps I… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – A Bridge Too Far?

This photo looks to be of an inter school snowshoe race… but I’m not sure which province, likely Manitoba. It must have been quite chilly based on the spectators with their hoods up. The snowshoers working hard – their layers… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Tricky Trails…

What is the trickiest snowshoe trail you have conquered? With the mountain trips in Alberta, some might says it would have to be there. Perhaps not – if you have to navigate trees, steep hills and even creeks with deadfall… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The Grapes of …?

When the St. John’s schools had an active French language program, some students had the opportunity to travel to France to work in the vineyards and practice their French. I’m not sure how long this opportunity was provided, but the… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – North via the MacKenzie

The first penetration into the far north by a St. John’s brigade took place in 1971. Two canoes, one from the Manitoba school and the other from the Alberta school, left Yellowknife heading for the MacKenzie River. Eighteen days, 10… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – It’s a Dogs Life…

This time of year was when the training for the dog sled races would really ramp up. Whether the race was in Manitoba or Alberta the dogs were put through their paces. Strategies differed, depending on who was coaching and… Continue Reading →

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