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Memory Monday – Best “Obstacle” Story

Almost all canoe brigades had to face a battle with some obstacle or another on their trips. There are stories of “beaver bashing” – ridding the route of beaver dams in order to get water flowing so the group could… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Best Book Read During “Study”

OK, we all know you did this. Instead of studying or doing homework during evening study, you were reading a book. Likely not included on the curriculum. What is your favourite book reading while you were supposed to be studying?… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Remember the Special Breakfasts”?

Many of you will remember the “special breakfasts” from years gone by. The staff took turns once a week, to allow the regular cooks a break, to prepare their own specialties for the students. There were the McKay hamburgers and… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Spring Time Ice

A recent visit from an alumnus (his 40th anniversary from graduating is this year), prompted the usual walk down memory lane. Canoe trips inevitably were reminisced about. In 1976, the senior class traveled north to the Lockhart River. They were… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Spring Canoe Races

The topic of Spring canoe races was covered in our memories a few years ago, but it is that time of the year again… I came across some photos from both the Manitoba and Alberta schools that  show the work… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Hold Over Injuries…”

Recently, there was a discussion thread on the SJSA Facebook page about getting older and noticing the aches and pains that could be attributed to the physical natural of the St. John’s programs (As well as their current fitness levels)…. Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – In Memory of …

Over the years at St. John’s, events, trophies, and even canoes have been named for students or staff who have passed away. The best known is the Markus Yannasch trophy – awarded to the winner of the Interschool Snowshoe Race…. Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The Greenhouse

For those who don’t remember the school having a greenhouse – well, yes we did. Some will remember building it and others working with the crops grown in the greenhouse. The idea was to have a market garden of sorts… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Best Kitchen Raid” (Repeat)

Since the beginning of the school, there has always been the “kitchen raid”. Likely because there are two things all boys love; adventure and food. At the Manitoba school when they built the new kitchen/classroom wing; the students made sure… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Foreign Trips

Through the years students had various opportunities to travel abroad with school planned trips. One memorable trip for the Manitoba guys – was the grape picking (or perhaps the wine drinking) tour in France. There are many stories about that… Continue Reading →

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