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Memory Monday – “I Feel the winds of God Today”

Compline around the fire on 2006 hiking trip.

Over the years at St. John’s,  students have learned many hymns, whether through the choir practices at Christmas, compline in the chapel or on outdoor trips.

The Alberta school’s official hymn was “I Feel the Winds of God Today.”  This is also a favourite of many staff and students from the other St. John’s schools. It flashes us back to times of great camaraderie, wonderful singing and just a sense of peacefulness.

What are your memories of this hymn … when did you sing it, where did you sing it, who was with you? Can you still remember the words? Send us your story.

Listen to this great hymn – click here for the link.

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  1. Arthur Verheyde Arthur Verheyde

    I recall singing this song many times.
    Once at a classmate’s wedding when someone handed photocopies of it to maybe 12 old boys, we belted out a pretty good rendition then.
    I sang it a few times while paddling solo on various rivers.
    Last summer in McKay’s backyard celebrating some event or another (yes! they still like to have fires, tell stories and entertain alumni!).

    But my favorite is still in the chapel at SJSA. No matter what crap you were going through at the time, not understanding math, lost your favorite pair of jeans, got caught smoking, nothing beat the feeling of standing on that cold wooden floor in your socks next to your classmates and asking the Big Guy to look out for you through this song. I loved it.

  2. Ted Jones, staff Selkirk, 1975-7 Ted Jones, staff Selkirk, 1975-7

    We were on “vacation” in ’77 (?). Miette Hot Springs, Alberta mountains, camping. Dave Neelands played his accordion, little Dave Cornwall had his fiddle, I with my guitar and harmonica. Also there was (I think) Keith McKay, Mike Maunder, Fred Parr, Willie the Scot, and maybe a couple of others, good voices all. We held the mountains captive with our echoed strains of “I Feel the the Winds of God”, in harmony, at the top of our lungs. We knew God that night around the fire.

  3. Tom sjcbs 1967/68 Tom sjcbs 1967/68

    An amazing hymn that i did not think or recognize until listening to it on the confectioner through Ron Lindsay and the Face book sites . But after one listen I was transported to the old Stone Building..after study period 1967 at least.. Dave .Neeland instead of being in the old study room in the old stone building and in the new dining hall that we had just built..we used to return to the old compline hall right off Frank’s office to sing and pray compline every night…this being the final song…ask Forfar ! or DeCandole or King ! or McGregor 1 or Lomerse 1 or a number of the others from the late sixties or even the later years like McIntosh etc…excuase me for the grammer but you get the point

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