Free Time in the Dorm

Here is a story written back in 1992 by a graduate from the 1977 class; as a memory from his time in the school.

“I remember back in the ’70’s, the rule of “no radios” was in place. The spots that guys would hide radios was varied – there are probably  still a few around! The most ingenious I witnessed was rumoured about for weeks, until one day it was revealed to me … two guys had taken it to a new level with a quasi “Hogan’s Heroes” version of things. They mounted a radio underneath the floor of their dorm by accessing the crawlspace under the school. To listen to the radio was equally ingenious, with the condition of the old tile floors at the time, seeing a chip here and half a tile missing there was commonplace. Who would spot a very tiny hole and consider it an earphone jack port?! Brilliant! No need to hide a radio, just keep your earphones in your pocket all the time. Believe it or not, this illegal operation was the direct result of the training ground around us at the time.  To think …

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