There has recently been talk on the SJSA Facebook page about the old “juice stops”. One post by an alumnus reads:

“Somewhere below someone mentioned the “juice bucket”.

Now about that juice bucket! Can you imagine leaving a bucket of juice on the side of any road with the intention of sharing it over the next 8 hrs now adays ( while totally unattended). I told someone this story and process a while back and they as civilians were mortified.
Maybe Barbara can do a Memory Monday about the juice stops and buckets.

Another fond memory of SJSA, I look back now and think we were so lucky.”

So, I did a search of the photo archives to see if I could find photo evidence of the juice bucket left on the side of the road. It took awhile, but I did find one – so there is evidence that this really happened!

I also included recent “juice stop” photos – called a “check point” (where water, fruit and sandwiches were served up on trays), for a comparison of how times changed.

What are your memories of the Juice Stop? Send us your story.