Repairs… but do they work for today?

Recently, there was a discussion thread on the SJSA Facebook page about getting older and noticing the aches and pains that could be attributed to the physical natural of the St. John’s programs (As well as their current fitness levels). So some positive and some negative. The alumnus who initiated the discussion began with:

“I have bad feet; mangled nerve endings and mushed bones that leave large portions of my feet numb when I stand. Walking is OK. The fix has become orthopedic inserts at a HUGE cost. The specialist says it is not necessarily caused by genetics, but is often attributed to going barefoot lots in life, (which I did). When I explained the St. John’s regimen to him his eyes grew wide in horror. He quickly filled in that what we did is the experience of many elite athletes, and was very likely to have been a major contributor to my problem. Let me make it clear that I don’t begrudge the program we went through in any way, I’m just sharing this in the hopes that any one else with any sort of similar issue will comment below or in a private message to me to swap symptoms and stories.”

There followed some great comments about long lasting issues from the program. What are your hold over habits, aches and such from your time at St. John’s? Send us your stories.