St. John the Divine Chapel at St. John’s School of Alberta September 15, 2018

This weekend the Company of the Cross Alberta celebrated their 50th Anniversary. While the weather was dreadful – continuous snow in September, the sold out group who attended were not here for the weather, but rather to catch up with each other and to share memories and stories of shared experiences. I must confess here that my focus in the months, weeks and days leading up to this event was the “process” of the planning and organizing, rather then people part of the weekend. It was very emotional to see our Founders, friends, and our “boys” return to the school to share in the celebration. The warmth of the sharing and the joy in a common goal for the weekend was heart warming. The highlight for me was the two chapel services held – on Saturday, the Compline and Vow taking service and Sunday’s Communion service. This was re-affirmation for me of why we were all in this the adventure. (This photo was provided by Robin Bertram – Grad ’81 – thank you).

Share with us your memory of this weekend celebration. Send us your stories, and thank you to all who attended!