Wayne Leatherdale working the vineyards of southern France.

When the St. John’s schools had an active French language program, some students had the opportunity to travel to France to work in the vineyards and practice their French. I’m not sure how long this opportunity was provided, but the two western schools sent students to France. This photo would have been taken in the early 1970’s, the student is Wayne Leatherdale from the Manitoba school (since deceased). It almost looks like something that might have been described in a John Steinbeck novel.

Were you involved in this program? Did you travel to France? Do you remember which years this program was in effect? Send us your stories.

** (Added Thursday, March 7th) An SJCBS alumni (Bill Thompson)has provided an additional picture and map from the 1974 trip to France. Also, I have inserted his story in the comment section below.