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Memory Monday – Cold Prairie Winters

It must be this “polar vortex”, which has a hold on us right now (-41C last night here – without the windchill!), that has me being nostalgic for those cold, cold winter days in Manitoba. These photos were taken in… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Manitoba Memories (Mid 1980’s)

I came across some negatives from SJCBS archives. They appear to be from the mid 1980’s and that perhaps they were taken by one of the students. They brought back memories for me of the cold winters in Manitoba and… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – We’ll Do Anything…

How many of you have had to do this? You’re packed for the free weekend, everyone is loaded on the bus and then …this. Whether it was a free weekend, Christmas break, heading off on a honey sale, or on… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Transportation in the North

For all our canoe trips, we had to move the brigades to and from their start and finish destinations; as well as moving food to them in remote locations. This series of photos show just a few of the modes… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Canoeing Land Marks

Every canoe trip had it’s special “landmarks”. For those who paddled the Churchill River system there were a few – Robertson Trading Post and Nistowiak Falls; for the Methye Trip there is of course the “great portage”, and Great Slave… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The “non-dog” Dog Run

  Through the years there were may winter dog runs, some over the New Year with the Gr. 12’s giving up time over the holidays to enjoy the wonders of dogs and cold weather. Most of these had plenty of… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Merry Christmas!

Wishing all our extended family a wonderful Christmas. “Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, good will toward men.” Here is a Christmas memory from our Carol Services. Remember this?

Memory Monday – A True Voyageur’s Production

Last week’s memory related the story of the Christmas production at our “Voyageur’s Christmas”. The production was presented once – the last day of school before Christmas break. These photos are from the re-tracing of the voyageur’s trips from Rocky… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Christmas Productions

In the last years of SJSA, rather than having the Carol Service, we hosted “A Voyageur’s Christmas”. This involved, among other activities, a theatrical production. After hours or preparation and much moaning and groaning from the participants – these productions… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “The Fleet”

This photo shows the SJSA “fleet”, taken in 1991. It includes some SJCBS canoes as well. I know that many of these boats endeared themselves to the students and staff though the years, so much so that they garnered some… Continue Reading →

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