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Memory Monday – “Exchange” Student

Yes, we actually had an “exchange” student back in the ’90’s. The idea was to have foreign students experience the “St. John’s” life, with a chance for our students to return the favour. I don’t remember any real exchange happening,… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – When All Else Fails

You’ve all been there on canoe trips. You need to get from point A to Point B and the only way through is just to slog it out. A little lining, and little tracking, a little dragging, pushing and likely… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Log Skids” or Rollers

They aren’t found everywhere, but log skids or rollers have been used on the canoe trips for ease of moving the canoes and gear. You may have experienced some on the Churchill River system. So, is this easier than portaging?… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Most Memorable Rapids

For most participants on the canoe trips, rapids were the best part of the trip. They were exciting and broke up the monotony of paddling for miles on end. While the original voyageurs would not likely consider rapids all that… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Unique” Portages

It could be said that using a helicopter to portage canoes is “cheating”. However, when you are trying to portage them over a mountain range – even the oldest of old school guys might agree that a helicopter was a… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Runaways

Not a subject that we usually mention – but hey, we all know someone who ran away from the schools. Each had their own reasons, and some went to elaborate lengths to leave the school. There were great plans and… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – A “Meanwhile in Canada” Moment

One of the incredible things about traveling through the oudoors in Canada, are those moments when you realize you are one of the few who have traveled through the area. Some of the canoe trips with St. John’s (and the… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Songs Played in the Morning

Who remembers the songs that woke you in the morning in the dorms? Some say you could tell who was on duty by the music that came through the speakers. Which staff were associated with what songs? What songs drove… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Bad Campsites

On canoe trips there is generally the expectation of a good campsite at the end of the day. However, that is not always possible. The photo on the left was taken on the 2002 Mukoman trip. There is, I’m sure,… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – A Little Tracking Anyone?

The traditional canoeing skills of tracking and lining were used on most St. John’s canoe trips. Some tracking was relatively simple, but there were trips where these skills were sorely tested. By the end of these trips this skill was… Continue Reading →

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