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Memory Monday

Memory Monday – Christmas Productions

In the last years of SJSA, rather than having the Carol Service, we hosted “A Voyageur’s Christmas”. This involved, among other activities, a theatrical production. After hours or preparation and much moaning and groaning from the participants – these productions… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “The Fleet”

This photo shows the SJSA “fleet”, taken in 1991. It includes some SJCBS canoes as well. I know that many of these boats endeared themselves to the students and staff though the years, so much so that they garnered some… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Kitchen Raid?

OK, we all know about the kitchen raids – there are some wonderful stories out there about the great kitchen capers conducted down through the years. But they usually involved students. Who are these culprits? It sure look like it’s… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Can You Spot All the St. John’s Isms?

This photo just jumped out at me for all that is going on. If ever someone doubted your stories about food on canoe trips, gear that was wore, how the gear was carried, where you ate lunch and on and… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Phone Booths

Before the introduction of cell phones, and the towers near by, that allowed the students independent communication with family and friends, the phone booths were the life line to the outside world. At one point there were four pay phones… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – OK, You’ve All Been Here…

Remember that messy portage? – or perhaps they were all messy. This photo is from the Mirror/Methye trip in 2003. You have wonder – where did the river go? Describe your worst portage… Send us your story.

Memory Monday – The Trip to Nowhere?

It may have seemed to many students that all the outdoor trips were trips to nowhere, this picture appears to confirm that! The bus company hired for the trip must have had a great sense of humour! Were you on… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Historic Trips

There have been some incredible canoe trips done by the three St. John’s schools. While going through some of the archives pictures, I came across pictures from two of them. The crew of one of the Montreal to New York… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Some Things Stay the Same…

Some food selections on outdoor trips stayed the same down through the years, while on the later trips there was more variety available. Salad anyone? Were you on one of the trips where salad or even red snapper were on… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Calling on the “Collective”…

I’m calling on the “collective” memory of our followers to help piece together some missing plaques on the Vincent Trophy – Junior Snowshoe Race from SJCBS. The successful bidder of the trophy, from our auction last month, would like to… Continue Reading →

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