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Memory Monday

Memory Monday – Choir Practice in “Hashtags”

When this post appeared on the SJSA Facebook page I had to post it here as well. We have come a long way from the photo on the left to having hashtags for white turtlenecks and blue cords. “Christmas choir… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Work Afternoon

On Wednesday afternoons the work crews were busy at various jobs. Some were even fun! It was a break from the classroom and a great chance to catch up on some big jobs. What are your memories of work Wednesdays?… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The History Course

Before the provincial curriculum required that Social Studies be taught in the schools, a very robust History curriculum was part of the St. John’s education. This photo shows just some samples of textbooks used for the Canadian History courses. Who… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Some Characters from the “Old Days”.

This memory is for the guys from the Manitoba school who might remember some of the “characters” from their era. No doubt there will be flashes of stories generated by these photos. What are your memories of these early pioneers?… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Jobs Around the Campsite

Jobs around the campsite vary from season to season. Collection of wood can be more important on a winter trip than on most canoe trips. Often the collection of wood is the most complained about job. But it is far… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – What’s Your Best Day?

  Some days are just fun. You come away from them with a smile a few laughs and great memories. These photos were taken on a canoe trip in northern Saskatchewan in the mid 2000’s. But it could be any… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Putting on a Show

It was always fun to have “professionals” come to visit and entertain. If nothing else it broke up the boredom of the long winter evenings at the school. (It was a great excuse to miss study time or classes too)…. Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – SJCBS Meat Room

The first foray into door-to-door sales for the students was undertaken by the Manitoba school, and involved selling chicken and pork products. Many of the old guys will remember the Christmas “baskets”, filled with hams, bacon and such; and the… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – What Were You Thinking?

OK, we all did some pretty silly things when we we younger. Thankfully most were not caught on camera. Almost every year someone had to test what it would be like to roll down a hill in a honey barrel… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Top of the Driveway”

Discovering these pictures, brought to mind many stories of students returning for a visit to the school describing the feelings they had as they came to the top of the driveway. Memories flooding back, butterflies in their stomachs – not… Continue Reading →

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