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Memory Monday – In Memory of …

Over the years at St. John’s, events, trophies, and even canoes have been named for students or staff who have passed away. The best known is the Markus Yannasch trophy – awarded to the winner of the Interschool Snowshoe Race…. Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The Greenhouse

For those who don’t remember the school having a greenhouse – well, yes we did. Some will remember building it and others working with the crops grown in the greenhouse. The idea was to have a market garden of sorts… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Best Kitchen Raid” (Repeat)

Since the beginning of the school, there has always been the “kitchen raid”. Likely because there are two things all boys love; adventure and food. At the Manitoba school when they built the new kitchen/classroom wing; the students made sure… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Foreign Trips

Through the years students had various opportunities to travel abroad with school planned trips. One memorable trip for the Manitoba guys – was the grape picking (or perhaps the wine drinking) tour in France. There are many stories about that… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Golf Anyone?

Golf?? At St. John’s? Yes, in the later years golf was introduced and the team competed in tournaments throughout Alberta. A driving range was even constructed out on the football field! It was surprising what a talent pool we had…… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Lacrosse

Lacrosse was a staple at St. John’s. It was played at all three schools and many former students still have their sticks stored away somewhere in their homes. Equipment changed through the years – at the Manitoba school in the… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The “105” Tin

For most people the “105 tin” is something they may have seen in a restaurant pantry or perhaps a military supply unit. For students at St. John’s this is an easily recognizable staple from their school days. All will be… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The “Garbage Truck”

At the Alberta school, from the late ’60’s through to the mid ’90’s, all garbage was hauled down to the garbage pits on the lower field. The crew responsible – “garbage crew” – would drive the truck down. There were… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Gathering the Chickens

This memory is for the SJCBS guys who will remember the days of “gathering” the chickens, to be sent off to Niverville, MB for evisceration. These photos caught my eye because of the conditions they were working in. Is this… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Martial Arts “Old and New”

There have been various versions of the martial arts program at St. John’s – be it Judo or Taekwondo and everything in between. Sometimes a staff member would organize the classes and sometimes the students themselves would organize training. Do… Continue Reading →

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