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Memory Monday – Peden’s Point

Not every Methye brigade stopped at Peden’s Point, but many did. On the east bank of the Athabasca River and across from the town of Fort McMurray, it was an excellent camp site. The Peden family – especially Jack “Torchy”… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Eating Local” on Canoe Trips

On every canoe trip there was opportunity to catch “local”. Some catches were more exotic than others. These photos were taken on the 2000 Pacific trip where they enjoyed red snapper and crab catches. What was your favourite “local” catch… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Forty Years Ago Today…

Forty years ago this crew would have just completed their canoe trip and would have begun their summer holiday. (Sorry guys – yes it has been that long!) This was a tough trip with some lining and tracking along the… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Huck Finn” Moments

Did you ever have a “Huck Finn” moment(s) on the canoe trips? Or perhaps even at the school during the various activities? Often these types of photographs have me thinking of the classic boy’s adventure tale. This always seemed to… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Remember the Bell?

When classes changed, when meals were ready, when free time was over the bell would ring. Located at the front entrance of the Manitoba school the sound of this bell was recognized by every student as a call to attention…. Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Remember Movie Night?

On Saturday nights there was a buzz that ran through the three schools – what movie had come in for their entertainment? Back in the day, the movies were shown in 16mm format using a rattly projector, and had to… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The Aura of the Campfire.

“The embers glow and warm us As the stories often do Friendships that are nurtured there Will last a lifetime through. “ C.R. Clark (The Campfire) How often do you get a chance to sit around a campfire today? Is… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday- How Canoeing has Changed…

There are always stories from each era of the three schools about how each previous era had it so much tougher. You have probably heard yourself say “These guys don’t know how easy they have it.” – Right? Here are… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Onward to the North…

In 2001, a St. John’s brigade headed north to the Yukon River. The trip had been done several times before and each time a license plate was added to this iconic “forest” near Watson Lake, Yukon. It is my understanding… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The Art of Crossing Creeks

The hiking trips at SJSA always involved crossing and re-crossing creeks. Depending on a variety on situations, the options for crossing were numerous. Shallow, slow moving verses depth and speed of water would determine what approach was taken. Individual preferences… Continue Reading →

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