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Memory Monday – A Little Tracking Anyone?

The traditional canoeing skills of tracking and lining were used on most St. John’s canoe trips. Some tracking was relatively simple, but there were trips where these skills were sorely tested. By the end of these trips this skill was… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Two-man Canoeing

Two-man canoeing was not part of the outdoor program at St. John’s until the later years. When introduced, it was used to acquire canoeing certification for staff and students. For some senior students, even after years of experience in the… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Wild Fires on Canoe Trips

Spring time in western Canada can mean wild fire season. Canoe trips often had to be re-routed to avoid these fires. There are many stories out there about Forest Rangers coming in to warn groups about the fires and to… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Down Time”

While it may not have seemed so at the time, there really was plenty of opportunity for some fun activities in the “down time” at the school. Most of the time these were harmless – but I am certain there… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Wood Crew

Ah, the wood crew… no matter the season there was always wood to be chopped and loaded into the truck. When SJSA still had the fireplace in the dining room, there was a need for wood during the winter. Later… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Keeper of the Log Book

For each outdoor trip at the school a log book was created. Sometimes a staff member would have the responsibility, but more often the job fell to a student volunteer. Depending on the person writing the log, it could be… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Building Canoes

Who out there was part of the canoe building crew? Whether at the Alberta or Manitoba school there was always a crew dealing with the care and maintenance of the canoes. A few lucky ones had the chance to work… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The Great Debate!

The interschool snowshoe race weekend used to include an interschool debate. The debaters trained with dedication similar to the snowshoe team members. The debate topics always included serious world issues of the day. The trophy shown in these photos was… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Catching Chickens”

Recently, while reminiscing with some of the “old guys” about the early days, the subject of catching chickens in the old barn at the Manitoba school came up. The barn was a three story structure with chickens on all three… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Brothers

Through the years at St. John’s there have been many brothers who attended. (Though it is difficult to find many pictures of them together!). As with all families, most often they were of very different personalities. And as with most… Continue Reading →

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