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Memory Monday – Remember Movie Night?

On Saturday nights there was a buzz that ran through the three schools – what movie had come in for their entertainment? Back in the day, the movies were shown in 16mm format using a rattly projector, and had to… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The Aura of the Campfire.

“The embers glow and warm us As the stories often do Friendships that are nurtured there Will last a lifetime through. “ C.R. Clark (The Campfire) How often do you get a chance to sit around a campfire today? Is… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday- How Canoeing has Changed…

There are always stories from each era of the three schools about how each previous era had it so much tougher. You have probably heard yourself say “These guys don’t know how easy they have it.” – Right? Here are… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Onward to the North…

In 2001, a St. John’s brigade headed north to the Yukon River. The trip had been done several times before and each time a license plate was added to this iconic “forest” near Watson Lake, Yukon. It is my understanding… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The Art of Crossing Creeks

The hiking trips at SJSA always involved crossing and re-crossing creeks. Depending on a variety on situations, the options for crossing were numerous. Shallow, slow moving verses depth and speed of water would determine what approach was taken. Individual preferences… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The First Canoes

Students at both the Manitoba and Alberta schools have experienced canoe trips using the first canoes purchased by the school in the 1960’s, the Spokane Garry and the Cockran (sometimes spelled Cochrane). It is remarkable that these canoes lasted in… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The Grease Trap!

Most “nasty” jobs on crew work would not create the humorous reaction shown in this photo. We all know what a horrible job cleaning out the grease trap was! What are your memories of the grease trap clean up? Can… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The Brigade That Crossed 1/3 of the Continent

In the Spring of 1971, an Alberta school brigade of 6 canoes crossed three provinces, and 1600 miles, to paddle from the Alberta school to the Manitoba school. This was, at the time, the longest trip the schools had attempted…. Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Morning Surprises…

On outdoor trips, you just never know what tricks the weather is going to play on you. Particularly during trips on the “shoulder seasons” of Spring and Fall. At the Alberta school the Fall trips could bring cold temperatures and… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Strange Things Done …

While scanning slides, negatives and photos from the archives, I have come across some odd photos. This week’s may tax the memories for some of the “old guys”. While the one on the left may be considered by some out… Continue Reading →

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