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Memory Monday – Have You Been Here?

This is a school bus, on a logging road, west of Nordegg Alberta, in the winter. Read that line again… Can you imagine doing this today? Well, for years we did go into the mountains, with school buses- with and… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Gear Upgrades

Today we expect regular improvements to outdoor gear, but back when we first started hiking at St. John’s, we could not have imagined the upgrades that were to come. What was the best improvement in gear for you? Something you… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Biggest Brigade.

From this photo, we can see at least five canoes. Generally, brigades of this size were the junior groups. And when you think that with their smaller stature, there would likely be eight students per boat – that’s a BIG… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Halloween Fun.

Halloween was celebrated in some capacity at the schools each year. Whether it was dressing up in the classroom or only after classes, there were some imaginative costumes. Often there were other contests – carving various vegetables, decorating the dorms… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Boys will be Boys” Moments…

I know this is not a popular expression these days – but what else do you call it when boys get together and enjoy a fun challenge? These photos are perhaps a more benign challenge then some, but still seemed… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Sleepy Heads”

Who takes these pictures!? For most of us, the last thing we want to see is a photo of ourselves the minute we open our eyes in the morning. But every album from every trip I have scanned – there… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Snow Biking

Over the years there were numerous cycling trips as part of the outdoor program. In 1987 the grade ten class completed a cycling/canoe trip in May. Little did they know that they would be peddling and camping in the snow!… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Documentaries Abound – “The Voyage of Self Discovery”

In 1992, the senior students at SJSA took on a northern trip that had not been done before – referred to as the Firebag trip. The last portion of this trip was documented by a film crew out of Vancouver,… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Friends in the North

If you have done a northern canoe trip with the school, likely you have traveled through Fort Chipewyan and enjoyed their hospitality. Or had a service in the St. Paul Mission Church. Who doesn’t remember the ladies of Fort Chip?… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – One Man’s Life

In 2003 a documentary was created by three SJCBS alumni on the life on Frank Wiens (co-founder of the St. John’s schools). It was previewed in a Winnipeg theatre, and then offered for sale as a DVD. Since most of… Continue Reading →

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