Student Parliament

Excerpt from the Student Parliament Hansard October 9, 1980:

“9:13pm House opened with prayer led by the Speaker.

9:14pm Old or unfinished business: The Right Honourable Mr. Owen puts a motion before the House that the Throne Speech be put forth for a second reading.

9:17pm The Hon. Mr. Morris introduces the amendment again and asks the Government who it’s Social Ministers are. The Right Honourable Mr. Owen replies that he thought Savin and Verheyde I were Ministers and didn’t know why they quit. The Hon. Mr. Morris immediately took this up as a lack of confidence in the Prime Minister. But the Hon. Mr. Heinz says that they supported the Right Hon. Mr. Owen and did show confidence. The Hon. Mr. Savin the said that they volunteered because the government was not capable. The Right Hon. Mr. Owen then declared that they did not have the guts to tell the House that they are now sitting on the Opposition. The Hon. Mr. Verheyde I said that he did know, that they were supposed to change sides.

At this time, the Hon. Mr. Bertram wanted to know how the constitution was coming along. The Hon. Mr. Heinz replied that he started on it but needs more ideas.”

Wow… this sounds like our federal government at times. The student parliament at the school was not always pretty, but they did get things done. Can you believe the detail in the hansard? What are your memories of St. John’s student parliament? What are some of your favourite projects taken on by the student parliament?