Flooding the Rink 1976

Each November, once the weather had changed and we made the shift from soccer to winter sports, the chore of preparing the rink loomed before us.  This meant many late nights hauling the fire hose out in minus 25 degree temperatures, finding that the crew ahead of you had not drained the hose and spending hours thawing it all out!

Flooding the Rink 2004 (Is that a Zamboni??)

It meant convincing your dorm mates that if they wanted to enjoy a season of hockey – they had to help you flood the rink after study. It meant setting off the fire alarm when you forgot to set up the fire pump properly.

In the early years, it meant raiding the kitchen for grape and fruit punch crystals to make the red and blue lines. Only to have the weather warm up and do all of this again.

Tell us your memories of hockey season at Saint John’s?