Dave Neelands Open House 1980

Most of us have “Dave” stories. He worked at both the Manitoba and Alberta schools during the pioneering years. He was the third headmaster of the Alberta school from 1975 – 1982, and a leader and role model to both boys and staff.

Whether it was working with the dogs, building canoes, building the chapel, or introducing the school to computers;

Dave After a Snowshoe Run (1976)

Dave was a visionary. His enthusiasm was contagious and at times maddening!

We remember him losing his way on canoe trips, hiking trips, and snowshoe runs… he was often playing catch-up on snowshoe runs after leaving the school long after his team had left.

We lost Dave in November of 2002; and we still miss his powerful character. Help us to remember this amazing man by sending us your memories of Dave.

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