On the weekend of September 8th – 11th a group of alumni and former staff re-lived their hiking days. This was the third annual hike for the group. The hike took on a new format, with the first portion of the trip taken with the assistance of a helicopter.  This new “heli-hiking” version  allowed them to reach the Michelle Lakes area and set up camp (at 7200 feet) – from which they headed out on day hikes. They were able to hike up to some incredible ridges -elevation 8500 feet – and saw several beautiful waterfalls. They encountered a herd of mountain sheep and a few marmots. The base camp had a wonderful creek running through it and a ready made fire pit. All in all a great way to go hiking!

The group included Dave Hunt, Sean Freeland – new students together in 1983, Cam Hawrish – new in 1985, Jay Berg – new in 1992, (these guys are featured in the photo gallery); also Charles McKay – new in 1997, along with Blaine Thauberger – new in 1976, Keith McKay – new in 1963 (SJCBS) and a friend of Sean’s, Fran Tully. (Some pictures shown in the gallery below.)

What are your ideas to continue the ‘living memories”? Send in an idea and get in touch with your classmates to see if any of them want to participant in a new outdoor adventure.