SJSA Historic Snowshoe Route Map

For any student at the St. John’s schools, many, many hours were spent out on snowshoe trails. With so much time spent out there, you became familiar with the landmarks on the various routes.

For the Manitoba students there were the favourites; A&W at Lockport and the little store in Clandeboye.  Each looked forward to the snacks available at these destinations after the long hours on the trail. In Alberta there were no such favourable landmarks, just the recognized trail names or houses along the way.

Many years ago, a senior student from the Alberta school created the map shown here; with his version of the trails and landmarks, along with comments about these  “landmarks”.

Send us your memories of the snowshoe landmarks from your days on the trail. (Click on the title and scroll to the bottom to submit your story, or click on the photo to see a larger version)