1981 Interschool race

From 1969 through to 1990 (with the exception of the years 1984 & 1985) the Manitoba and Alberta schools competed in an inter-school snowshoe race, a distance of 35 miles (56 km).  Initially this race was only for senior students – in 1986 a junior race was introduced, it’s distance 20 miles (32 km). The competition in these races was fierce. The training hours long. The support for the program incredible. The students who earned a place on these teams were, to the school, what today’s elite athletes are to any top ranked teams.

Both staff and students entered the fray with the pride of their respective schools at stake and a determination to win. Yet, it is also amazing that team members and coaches have also felt that almost mystical feeling when the teams have crossed the finish line and they have tasted the achievement that each one had whether first or second.

It is interesting to note that after twenty races in the senior division  each school team had won 10 times.  In the junior division the split was three for Alberta and two for Manitoba.

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