Food Fantacy Come True - Nechacko Trip 2004

While on canoe trips, most students would have imagined a much different menu than the one served out each day.  “Food fantasies” ranged from the simple – a loaf of white bread, to the more elaborate – pizza and hamburgers and much more …

One alumni, David Jephson – made these fantasies come true for the Nechacko brigades over the years. The photo on the left shows the appreciation these students felt for Dave’s gift.

Can you imagine having hot pizza delivered by helicopter on your canoe trip? Now, that is a fantasy come true!

Send us your food fantasy stories – whether it be on a canoe trip, or perhaps a dog run, there would have been talk of food. We would love to share your memories.  (Click on the title and scroll to the bottom to submit your memory. Click on the photo to see a larger version.)