Father Sargeant circa 1969

In the second part of our “personalities” series, we re-visit our memories of Father Sargeant. Sog, as he was fondly nicknamed by the students and eventually by staff as well, taught at both the Manitoba and Alberta schools for many years. He influenced the lives of a great number of  young men over that time; especially with regard to their use of  grammar!

Father Sargeant passed away in September of 1991 while out horseback riding near his home in Regina. For some alumni this may seem out of character for the man they remember. But he was an adventurer to the end.

Here is a sample of a memory of Father Sargeant written by a former student:

“I’ll never forget the passion with which Father Seargent would conjugate the verb “to be” in french, chalk practically exploding against the board under the kung fu grip…only to be followed with him spinning from the blackboard with ninja-like stealth and pelting the poor sap who wasn’t paying attention smack in the forehead. I also remember the legendary handshake that could’ve put Andre the Giant to his knees.
I also remember his words of encouragement and sometimes profound wisdom that happened to come at just the right time when I needed a little boost or some support that didn’t fall into any curriculum.”

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