1995-96 SJSA Staff

This suggestion for our Memory Monday series comes from a former staff member (male), and is a great one. Through the years there were many women who worked at the St. John’s schools.  In roles from teaching in the classroom, tutoring at home, working in the office or in the kitchen; all of them provided a “softer” side to the school. Or as this former staff member put it:

“Unsung heroines? Or non-entities? Do you have lasting memories of the women who were always in the background at the Schools? What are these memories? … What are your memories of the few women at the Schools?

Nancy Cox… Nancy Wiens…  Virginia Byfield…there with the founders? Shirley Hogue?

Alice Cooper (Miller)?  Spent 30 years in the Cabin at SJSA….Joy Thompson…Gil Neelands?

Pat Doolan…  A daughter of a SJCBS staff member  and later married Frank Felletti…Barbara ( Born Wiens… ) later married Keith McKay…Renée Jackson ( Born Renée Gourlay  )…The Cooks? Any Other Staff or teacher?

Would the Schools have been better institutions if there had been more women around… And if they had been given a more important role and a bigger voice in running things?”

What are your memories of the women of St. John’s? Send us your stories. (Click on the title and scroll to the bottom to submit your story, click on the photo to see a larger version)