In the early days of the school, the food carried and consumed on canoe trips was different than what we would see in later years. Considering there were a great number of portages, the cans of “klik” and jars of jam – seemed to add unnecessary weight.

This gallery of photos is taken from three trips. The 1967 trip from the Alberta school to the Manitoba school. The Gr. 8 class from the Manitoba school undertook this trip. (See page 53 in the St. John’s History Book for a bulletin about this trip). The 1970 Great Circle Brigade (this trip took a circuit route through the great lakes of Manitoba). And the 1971 York Factory trip.

These were the days of hard tack and klik. Later hardtack would be replaced with Pilot biscuits and klik with “proteinettes”. All lighter – but better, hmmm…

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