On Saturday nights there was a buzz that ran through the three schools – what movie had come in for their entertainment? Back in the day, the movies were shown in 16mm format using a rattly projector, and had to be ordered well in advance from the distributor – a far cry from the DVD’s used in later years. There are some humorous stories about the selections, and even mix ups between the movie sent to the school and the one sent to a mining camp in northern Manitoba. (You can imagine the shock at the school when the mining camp selection began showing on the screen in dining room full of young boys!). My first experience with school movies was Quo Vadis – I was 8 years old, and we used to go over to the school dining room for movie night. I remember being terrified. The next week the movie selection was The Birds. I should be having nightmares still!

What was your favourite movie from you time in the school? Send us your story.