An alumnus from SJCBS sent this response to the September 26th Memory Monday. Because of the photos it was necessary to pop it in another Memory Monday rather than in the comment section.

Hi, sorry to send this direct instead of posting on the site but I don’t know how to attach this story.  I remember being part of the Festival du Voyageur and some of the snowshoe and dog sledding events. I can’t remember if I went in a snowshoe race but in grade 12 I was a dog crew leader with Mr. Jackson so I had lots of involvement on that end. I kept expecting my brother Richard to comment on this post since he was more involved than me, but I wanted to attach a story from the 1976 Report about the festival.  They wanted a trophy for the snowshoe events so he was instrumental in producing a 6 foot snowshoe. I am attaching a picture from the St Boniface newspaper regarding the presentation of that trophy to the festival official, that’s him in the middle. I read the posting from Ted Jones and he gave a great description of those events. He was my grade 12 biology teacher and we also went on an alumni canoe trip together up the Parsnip River to the Fraser along with Bruce Handford and the McKay brothers. Could you please post this for me along with the report story and the picture.
Thanks and best wishes.
Bill Thompson SJCBS 75