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Memory Monday – St. John’s Isms… (Revisited)

No matter the community, people develop their own language or “isms” that are unique to them. The St. John’s community was no different. Take the image to the left – “Peter Pan Get Way Boots!”  Who came up with that?… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – “Best Kitchen Raid” (Repeat)

Since the beginning of the school, there has always been the “kitchen raid”. Likely because there are two things all boys love; adventure and food. At the Manitoba school when they built the new kitchen/classroom wing; the students made sure… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The “Lighter” Side of the Outdoor Trips

Sometimes on hiking trips – or for that matter any of the outdoor trips – there are lighter moments. The staff and students could just enjoy the moment, whether it be a humorous way to warm up at the start… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The First Six Weeks

A suggestion for Memory Monday came in to me – remember when the students stayed at the school for the first six weeks of the school year. There were no phone calls home, no visits from parents and lots of… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – A “Lost Art”?

How many of you still drag out your snowshoes? Take that hike through new, powdered snow? Do you still have the “old style” or are you a convert to the “modern shoe”? Lampwick or harnesses? (Can you still find lampwick?)…. Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Busiest Phone Booth in Alberta?

Before the advent of the cell phone (and having any cell towers out our way), there was only one way for our students to speak with the outside world – the pay phones. For many years we had only one… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The “St. John’s Tuxedo”

Not everyone can pull off this “fashion statement”, but in the 1990’s the St. John’s tuxedo emerged as part of the winter program attire. During this time, the snowshoe season was experiencing warmer than normal temperatures. As a result, the… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Tale of Two Trails

From one year to the next, a hiking trail can be a vastly different experience. For any who have been on more than one hike with the school – you can attest to that! These pictures are of the same… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Cleanliness “Next to Godliness”.

While out in the bush on hiking trips, canoe trips or dog runs; it is a challenge to stay clean. No doubt there are stories out there about the guys who didn’t care about this! What was your experience about… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Best Fishing Spot on a Canoe Trip

What better past time on a canoe trip then to try your hand at fishing? For some students this was tried for the first time on a St. John’s canoe trip, others were veterans at the fishing game. The Churchill… Continue Reading →

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