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Memory Monday

Memory Monday – Have You Retraced Any of Your Outdoor Trips?

How many of you have gone back to retrace an outdoor trip done while you were in the school? Perhaps you took friends or family on the route you hiked as a “new boy”… or maybe re-did the Churchill River… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Do You Ever Snowshoe in Your Sleep?

Did you ever snowshoe in your sleep? Or maybe paddle in your sleep? I know being married to an alumnus and former staff, there were many nights where I would be woken being kicked (in the Winter) or the recipient… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Remember the Radios

If you attended the St. John’s schools in the earlier years, you will remember that radios were not allowed. Music that was played throughout the school was always “censored”, if you will. However, that did not stop the students from… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Just Chillin’

While it may have seemed like there was no “down time” at the school; there were times when the students did not have any immediate responsibility. No classes, no crew duty, no snowshoe practice, no canoe training, no study, no… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – The Importance of Stretching & Hydration

In the outdoor program there was not always the understanding of the importance of stretching before the snowshoe runs or long hiking days. The was more understanding of the importance of keeping hydrated. These photos demonstrate that with greater knowledge… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday-Does it always have to be hard work?

The romantic notion of canoeing along an idyllic river or lake is immediately dispelled when you look a photos from the St. John’s canoes trips. Obstacles were always part of the trip, and finding ways around them were sometimes difficult…. Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – New uses for “old” crests.

So, do you still have your old crests. Did your Mom save them for you and now you’ve gone through some old boxes and found a treasure trove of St. John’s memorabilia? Here is a great idea for you…from an… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Volunteering

As part of the Duke of Edinburgh program, students were required to commit to 100 hours of volunteer service for the gold level. Through the 1990’s and early 2000’s most of our grade twelve students were part of the program…. Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Have You Been Here?

This is a school bus, on a logging road, west of Nordegg Alberta, in the winter. Read that line again… Can you imagine doing this today? Well, for years we did go into the mountains, with school buses- with and… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Gear Upgrades

Today we expect regular improvements to outdoor gear, but back when we first started hiking at St. John’s, we could not have imagined the upgrades that were to come. What was the best improvement in gear for you? Something you… Continue Reading →

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