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Memory Monday – Friends in the North

If you have done a northern canoe trip with the school, likely you have traveled through Fort Chipewyan and enjoyed their hospitality. Or had a service in the St. Paul Mission Church. Who doesn’t remember the ladies of Fort Chip?… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – One Man’s Life

In 2003 a documentary was created by three SJCBS alumni on the life on Frank Wiens (co-founder of the St. John’s schools). It was previewed in a Winnipeg theatre, and then offered for sale as a DVD. Since most of… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – How it all Began…

Do you ever wonder how the outdoor canoe program began? Before there were canoes at St. John’s, there were navy cutters. In the late 1950’s the boys were introduced to the cutters on trips on Lake Winnipeg. Later there would… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday (on Tuesday) – Response to “Who Doesn’t Like a Parade”

An alumnus from SJCBS sent this response to the September 26th Memory Monday. Because of the photos it was necessary to pop it in another Memory Monday rather than in the comment section. Hi, sorry to send this direct instead… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – A Hodgepodge…

This hodgepodge of photos don’t necessarily fit into a “title story”, but I found each interesting in its own right. They capture some memorable moments in time in the St. John’s outdoor adventures of the day. Throw yourself into one… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Who Doesn’t Like a Parade?

Who doesn’t like a parade? Back in the ’70’s the Manitoba school was involved, both in organizing and participating, in the Festival du Voyageur. This Festival was just starting up and needed an infusion of energy and ideas to grow…. Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Portages… Mechanical vs Manual??

Portages, the many ways to get around obstacles along a canoe route. The mechanical portage came to move a lot of things, but the first known mechanical portage was used to move logged timber. And later was used by canoe… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Water Fights… Yea or Nay?

To alleviate the boredom of hours upon hours of paddling on canoe trips – the water fight! Some staff  (and students) were not as receptive to these breaks as others were. No doubt they could be great on a hot… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – How Cold Was it?

This is Canada, and there is always a chance that you will experience cold when venturing into the outdoors. Whether it be spring time on the canoe trips or winter camping you had to respect your environment. What was the… Continue Reading →

Memory Monday – Nostalgia Challenge

This is for the “older” guys (or younger ones who can spot the ’70’s era gear) – a challenge to find all the gear, clothing and any other stuff in this photo that you would not see today on an… Continue Reading →

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